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Fracking is really toxic to us and to the environment.  Maybe if enough people join together to fight this issue and other issues that effect the environment, then we can put a stop to fracking once and for all.

When I was a kid, my ex hero Bobby Kennedy talked about each of us being part of the wave of change.  That every person was like a drop of water that formed the big wave of change.  I believed him.  I was a kid for Kennedy when he ran for President.  It is because of him, I knew White Nationalism was wrong.  Hate of others because they are a different race and looking down on women because we were born girls is wrong.  Somehow it didn’t seem right that I who know more about Politics then most men is told that women have no role or place in Politics that my only role in life is to marry and have lots of babies for the White RACE.

Because of his oldest son, Joe II  I no longer believe those words anymore.  He really destroyed me that day in the barn when I asked him for help and he said without asking one question that IT WASN’T HIS PROBLEM.  He is a real gentleman, not.

WHY would he treat a real damsel in distress this way?  Is he an idiot?  Did he hate me because I am half British and he supported the IRA?  Does he hate the fact that I am Conservative based on the UK Party and not American Conservative like the tea party?  He is a Democrat who is very Irish, so I understand his hating me for my British side and being not only a Daughter of the American Revolution and Mayflower, but a Daughter of the British Empire.  Yes, we were from different backgrounds but I thought I could have an intelligent conversation with the son of my hero.  I thought Kennedy’s were smart enough to understand and talk to.  I was wrong.  They are stupid, because only stupid people answer a question like will you help me without asking one question.  To shut your eyes to the pain and suffering of a person who comes to you because you represent the UNITED STATES GOVERNMENT AND SCREAM AT THEM IT ISN’T YOUR PROBLEM IS WRONG AND THE ACT OF AN IDIOT OR AN ENEMY.  I understand his support for the IRA, so is it possible that he treated me way the does because I am half British.

Now I only trust David Cameron the Leader of the United Kingdom.  The United States Government, with how this United States Congressman who represented the United States of America, made it quite clear by the way he treated me in real life, that I AM NOTHING AND HAVE NO RIGHTS AS A HUMAN BEING.  HE DOESN’T VALUE OR THINK WE WOMEN HAVE A PLACE IN THE POLITICAL WORLD EITHER, AS BY DOING NOTHING AND ALLOWING ME TO CONTINUE TO SUFFER AT THE HANDS OF MY ABUSERS, IS ANTI WOMEN.  HE SUPPORTS WHITE NATIONALISTS BECAUSE HE HAD A CHANCE TO LEARN ALL ABOUT THEM AND HE REFUSES TO TALK TO ME…  THAT IS WHY HE IS A BOY AND NOT A MAN IN MY EYES.

Joe II is scum in my eyes.  I am trying to talk to him face to face, so I don’t have to release my feelings online.  I am going to get better and overcome without his help.  Though I will not protect him anymore.  Maybe someday we can talk in person one on one and he can restore my trust and faith in the United States Government?  it is going to take him being a man and talking to me an d explaining his horrid behavior toward me…

If he says I love him, that is a lie.  I despise him, but I need to correct the mistake so I can move forward in life and not be blackballed to the point that no one will listen to me and learn form me.  I am not lying.

I want to believe again in my childhood hero, but his oldest son makes it impossible.

Maybe someday my so called old friend and neighbor in Marshfield will surprise me and we can talk in person and sort out our differences in a good way.  I just want to do the right thing.

I love this song.  When I had a keyboard I would play it.  I miss my music and am thinking that I will at some point like to take lessons on the drum and start playing the keyboard again so take more lesson as it has been years since I played the keyboard.  Someday I will meet the right man that understands me and wants to talk to  me.


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