Carla, I am worried about you.

Carla, I know you won’t see this, but  I chose these pictures for you.  You are a proud Kansas girl like my mother.  A proud Irish American girl, who is very proud to be from Ireland.  Carla, I have told you to your face that I thought you needed to call a doctor because you are sick.   You need to let them take you to the hospital and Katie to the animal shelter.  She is shutting her and the dog in the place for three days and just lies in bed.   She has given up.

Our mothers were good friends growing up in Salina.  and so I feel obligated because of the family connection.  Yet, Carla has a drinking problem.  She likes her red wine.  She is not able to function.  That is why she is being evicted and didn’t even try to find a place.   We, the neighbor and I, talked to a friend yesterday who was going to see if she could find the number for the daughter so that someone can do something.   The police said the day before yesterday when my neighbor called the police because she was so worried about her, that there was nothing they could do.  They know about her and there is nothing they can do until they come on the 6th.  Who knows what they will find?

I couldn’t post this on facebook and I needed to release my feelings so I wouldn’t stuff them down with food.  I don’t have a drinking problem and I don’t understand.  I think there are other issues as well.  She needs to be in the hospital so they can treat her.    I am just worried that on the 6th she will be dead by then. 

I don’t understand suicide either.  I had a neighbor in Marshfield who I heard later killed himself when his wife divorced him.  I have gone through hard times, but I could never kill myself.  I am a fighter and will fight until I take my last breath.  Being a Warrior type, I don’t understand Carla.

I have gone through a lot in life, everyone has, but I and many others don’t just give up and lock ourselves in our apt and refuse to let anyone in to help us when we say we can’t get out of bed.  No one has seen her in 3 days.  She won’t answer her phone..  I hope they can find the phone number for the daughter and she can as family hopefully give the police permission to break in and see what is going on in there. 

I feel better now.  This is for Carla.  I feel like you have slipped away from me and that the Carla I first met is gone now.  She slipped into a bottle of red wine.. Please get well!  I do love you…  Maybe this is my goodbye to you…


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