Good for them.  White men are going to have to start protecting and defending their wives and daughters to keep them safe from those who want to rape and kill them.

This is an example of why I have respect for the White Nationalist men over the Kennedy boys/American Government.  White Nationalist men protect and defend women from crime, whereas the Kennedy’s/American Government are silent and deny help to those girls/women who are the victims of crimes being committed against them.

When those in power refuse to protect their Subjects then those Subjects must find a way to protect themselves and their families.


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    chrisy58 Says:

    Just finished watching the movie.

    I know people don’t understand why White Nationalist men are starting to stand up for their wives and children, it is because they feel they have a duty to protect them and keep them safe. They fight for home and everything that is dear to them… They fight for love. Don’t we all?

    I listen to this song and I wish I was being carried home to England. The UK is my home in my heart and always has been. Someday I will make it home. I fight for home too and the hope that someday I will have a family of my own to fight for.

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