I hate to see Article like this



Of course it is an attack on David Cameron and then in the comments it attacks the Queen and Royal Family.

I admit I am a Conservative who supports David Cameron and thinks he is doing the best job that can be done considering what is going on in the world today.  I trust him.  I don’t trust anyone in the American Government because of Joe Kennedy II and his uncle Edward Kennedy.  Cause and effect.  David Cameron has shown me a man of true leadership abilities and I believe is wise enough to guide his nation through these dark times we seem to find ourselves living in, with groups like Isis gaining power and carrying out much evil.

I am also a British Monarchist, and I know that opinion varies and sometimes the Republicans use slander to try and stir up the people against their Queen and Monarch.  Is it because they don’t realize how they lucky they are?  The Queen and British Monarchy really care about the welfare of their Subjects, unlike the American Government.

Every one puts down Prince Charles, but he is a great man and I get angry when people lie about him or make him out to be some fool who only talks to plants. etc; or whatever lie is in season for that year.  Shameful.  He is very smart and caring and passionate and wants to help people become the best they can be.  He has programs that are making a huge difference for good in people’s lives.  Very productive man.  Much more productive in many who bad mouth him.

I just worry when ever bad press comes out about members of the conservative Party or the Royal Family for fear that it gives those who want to overthrow that system, ammo to use in their war against all I hold dear.  People are so obsessed with sex scandals instead of focusing on the important and that is the running of Government.

Even in America there is always another sex scandal involving Political Leaders too.  Who cares?  I don’t care about someone’s sex life, I do care if he is qualified to Lead a Government.

I believe that David Cameron can be a great Leader.  The question is will the people give him the chance to prove that he is on the right path and trust him.  Trust that he will stand up for the traditional British Values that are so important to many of us.   I believe we can trust him.

Political Parties and Leaders need to be real men and woman who know how to govern and not just get elected.  We have people who can get elected but do not know how to govern.  I think of Obama.

I do know how to govern and have a good Political mind, which is why I don’t understand the Americans blackballing me from their Government?  I hope Brits are smarter then Americans and would value my service to the Government.

Hang tough Mr. Prime Minister.  You have support and a friend in me.




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