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November 13, 2015


The Fool Card

November 9, 2015


This is a picture of my Goddess the Morrigan.  I got closer to her this Samhain in Boston.  The theme of the Witches Ball was tarot.  The Death card was what the people who gave the Ball chose.  I chose the 9 of Cups which represents me.  It was the wish card and I had wished to be able to put flowers on my grandmum’s grave in Lynn.  That is why I chose little red riding hood as my costume.  I also had to face the wolf.  Not only Joe, but my whole past.  I did that.  I knew he would not show up, but I had to give him the chance to be a man of honor.  I am free now.

One of the gifts in the gift bag was a picture of the Fool card in tarot.  I embraced and accepted the death card and now I embrace and accept the Fool card in my life.  A new Beginning.

Some people you just have to say fuck you too.  Joe is one of those people.  He has to live with himself.

I will be ok.  I will be more then ok.

I am rolling with the changes since my trip to Boston.

I am home safe

November 6, 2015


I know it has been a while since I have written on my online journal, but I was finishing up my therapy I started in AZ.  I faced the wolf and defeated my past.  Can move forward now.  I am at peace with my past.  I accept what is.

Boston is dead to me.  He is a coward. In therapy they said I needed to draw a line and I did, even though I knew he would not take the chance to prove to me and the world that he is a man of honor and moral courage.  I have more respect for David Duke and Don Black and the other White Nationalists I met through Stormfront then I do for Joe Kennedy II.  I visited the Kennedy graves and said Fuck you.  In therapy they taught me that some people are evil and are not worthy of your friendship.  I am free now.

Boston has changed so much for the worst.  I still have the family plot in Lynn.  Will I be buried there?

Hope everyone had a great Halloween.

Chicken Tortilla Soup

October 11, 2015


EU Leaders Make Threat

October 4, 2015



Let the EU make their threats.  The UK doesn’t need the EU.  The PM will do what he feels is best.  I trust him.  He is one of the very few I trust.

Fall Garden Tips

October 4, 2015


Great Article.  Thought I would share.

Am coming to peace with what is.

October 3, 2015

Thinking about someone I knew in MA who is dead now.  he was one of the few Democrats I seemed to be able to talk to.  He is dead now and has been for many years.

I am getting ready to go back home to Boston, that I haven’t seen since 90.  I know it has changed.  I have accepted the truth about me and others.  I can let go now of the dream of ever talking things out with someone I had hoped we would be able to talk things out and move forward in friendship only.

I did break down a bought a book that just came out and read it in one day.  I was sorry to hear that an old friend who I used to ride horses with had not remarried.  Her ex has remarried and I know that my friend has so much love and wonderful qualities that there is someone out there who will love her and treat her like the queen she is.  I don’t want her to be alone.  Living alone sucks.

I hope if fate is willing that she and I will be able to meet again and talk things out when I am in the Boston area.  That we can hug and move forward as friends.  I was always her loyal friend.  I still am.  I miss riding horses with her and talking to her as we rode the trails.

As far as her ex.   I hope someday you find the courage to face both of us and to look us in the face and tell us the truth.

I am a wonderful woman too, and somewhere out there is a man for me too.  Maybe my old friend and I can double date sometime and both move forward and find a man worthy of both of us.

Is This Bombing A War Crime?

October 3, 2015


Featured Image -- 20432

Why am I not surprised?

Durgin Park Indian Pudding Recipe

October 1, 2015


I remember eating there.  My dad and I would have Indian Pudding for desert.  Can’t wait to eat it again in a few weeks when I am there.


Chronic pain

September 30, 2015


I have been guilty of eating some of those foods and my pain level has been very bad.  I need to go more vegan.  the hardest part is giving up the sugar and diet soda.


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