I love lavender

July 31, 2015



Today is my Nephew’s Birthday

July 31, 2015


I just want to wish Cam a very happy birthday today.  I love him very much.


July 31, 2015



I support Greenpeace and think they do excellent work.

my thoughts for the night

July 30, 2015


I am worried about a friend, but have to face the fact that she is in charge of her life as I am in charge of my life.  The wine is killing her.  I am not one to judge but I am worried about her.

I hope she will be ok.

I know one thing I am moving forward with my healing.  I have been working through the toxic feelings and emotions today and releasing them, as I was taught in therapy in Phoenix.  I learned alot and am still working through with what I learned.  I see the light at the end of the tunnel.

This time of year I look forward to Fall and planning for the next year.

I will overcome and make it through this difficult time of struggle.  There is a future for me if I am willing to do the tough work that needs to be done in healing myself.  Life already is much better, since I have accepted who I truly am and not having to try and live a life I am not.  I never really was a true Christian, but a natural born witch.  It is in my bloodline.  I am happy knowing I can be the witch I was born to be and look forward to learning and moving forward in the craft.

Sweet dreams everyone.

Fresh tomato recipes.

July 29, 2015


Wonderful Recipes

British Politics

July 29, 2015



At this point I support the PM David Cameron.  He is Leader of the Conservative Party.  UKIP seems more like the Christian Right in this country, or Republican Party.  Mr. Cameron is a very intelligent man and until he proves to me he can’t be trusted, I will stand behind him and support him on this issue.

Moving Forward

July 29, 2015


I have been blessed since I accepted who I was born to be.  I was born a witch.  I am not a christian and it is ok.  I don’t have to be a christian.  Christians may think their God and bible says to burn witches, and hate me, but my Goddess and God love me and protect me.  They think I am worthy to live and not have to be killed.

I am getting rid of the toxic energy and replacing it with healthy loving energy.  Release is very important to the healing of my mind and spirit.

Happy Days is starting.  Great show.  Ron Howard is a great man and very talented.  when I worked in Hilton Head, he had a place at the place I was a security guard at.  I saw him going out one time.  Nice place.  The people were very nice there and if I were to live in Hilton Head, that is where I would live on Turtle Lane in the Sea Pines area.

Each day I move further along on the road to recovery.

FBI thwarts Isis inspired beach bomb plot

July 29, 2015


Isis is a threat to the whole world.

Featured Image -- 20651

good job.  The world is going to have to work together to defeat this enemy.

Washington Post Article

July 28, 2015



Hillary Clinton lays out Climate Change Plan

July 28, 2015



“With many Republican candidates saying they do not believe that climate change is a threat or requires government intervention, Mrs. Clinton assailed their logic, saying, “The reality of climate change is unforgiving no matter what the deniers say.”

She set a goal to produce 33 percent of the nation’s electricity from renewable sources by 2027, up from 7 percent today — a higher goal than the 20 to 25 percent that President Obama has called for by 2030.”

I remember my years as a White Nationalist and having people deny that Climate change is real.  I would hope that time has made them aware of the reality of Climate Change.  How can one deny this scientific fact?

In KS Wind energy and is the future.  We have lots of wind here.  AZ is great for solar.

She says all the right words, but I have to wonder if she is just another one who talks the talk, but doesn’t walk the walk.  Is she like all the other Democrats I have met in person who lack the moral courage to stand up for truth?  Does she have the courage to stand up and speak and fight for the people who will suffer the effects of continuing to do nothing?

Al Gore is the only one in my eyes who has a real plan for the future.  Yet, he is not running.  I wish that as a Son of the American Revolution he would pick up the torch and run for President.  This country needs him.  Will he answer the call?

I am not impressed with Bernie Sanders or any other person who is running.


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