Wicca Chant

August 2, 2015


Wicca Chant

I love this song.  I listen to it on Pagan radio.

I am now focusing on the positive in my life.  I got some more of the toxic feelings out by venting on my online journal.  sorry, but I have tried to do the right thing and have our conversation in person and in private.  Healing my body, mind and spirit is very important to me.

I am getting better.  Through therapy in AZ they taught me how to release my feelings in a healthy way.

Venting my feelings through song

August 2, 2015

In the mood for some rock and roll.

I remember this happening.  This was school shooting to me, the Government having the National Guard killing American Students.  This is another emotional wound and another seed of betrayal by the Americans in POWER toward those who they wanted to silence.  They have a pattern of being afraid of the truth and those who have the courage to STAND UP AND FIGHT FOR TRUTH, JUSTICE AND HONOR.

another version of Rule Britannia

August 1, 2015


I love the line of this beloved song, where it says that Britons shall never be slaves.

I am venting some of the toxic emotional poison I have inside me because of what Rep. Joe Kennedy II D from MA did to me…. I tend to think and act more British then American, so I tried and tried to talk to Joe in person so we can say what needs to be said between us in private, but he refuses to face me and tell me to my face what my crime towards humanity is, that justifies his treatment of me.  Is he an idiot?  Does he hate me because I am a Daughter of the British Empire and love the Queen and trust and support David Cameron the Prime Minister?

Joe is Irish Catholic and I know supported the IRA in his heart so it is possible that he refused to help me, a real damsel in distress because I am half British and love and honor my Queen.  I come from a line of English Courtiers.  William Buell came to America in the 1600s to CT because he was the youngest son of a Lord and in those days many of the younger sons came to the Colonies.  Like many families the father stayed loyal to the King and the son fought for the Rebels.  The IRA targeted Brits for years and we are talking about the 80’s after all.  So I can understand his hating me because I am part British.

I am crying today and trying to vent my feeling out.

I am sorry I have to vent them online, but Joe refuses to be a man and talk to me in person.  He would rather stay a spoiled little boy who will never be a true man or LEADER.  It is a good thing he is out of Government.  I wonder if the whole family is like Joe and doesn’t have the wisdom to be in POWER?

Joey reminds me to much of his dad, so I don’t think he will achieve much Politically.  He too, seems to have a lack of compassion toward people who are suffering at the hands of others.  He too would close his eyes and do nothing to help a true person in need of help.  He doesn’t value truth anymore then his father.  No, I think President Kennedy was the only Kennedy who has the wisdom.  I don’t even think Joey likes it. He looks miserable the one time I saw him on tv working.  Why is he there?  I wonder, because he doesn’t seem to have what it takes to be a true LEADER of THE PEOPLE.

I had hoped Joe’s brother Bobby was intelligent and I could have an intelligent conversation with him. I never met him in person, so I had hoped he was like Michael.  I loved and trusted Michael.  He proved to me that he was a man of truth and honor, who valued justice, when he defended me one time, when he knew I was telling the truth.  Sadly, Bobby is proving to me he is more like Joe then Michael.  He has not yet come to talk to me and it has been years that I have been waiting, so I have had to come to the conclusion that he too lacks moral courage to do the right thing in seeking the truth.  How does one find the truth, by  talking to all parties.  How can he make a judgment about me when he has never spoken to me and looked into my eyes.  I can prove I am telling the truth.  He is no different then his brother who would answer the question, of will you help me; with IT IS NOT MY PROBLEM; WITHOUT ASKING ONE QUESTION. I would have asked what kind a help do you need first before saying it isn’t my problem.  Joe isn’t a mind reader and has no heart.  he lacks all three.  Courage, heart, and wisdom.  What use is he?  I GUESS BOBBY TOO, DOESN’T HAVE INTELLECTUAL HONESTY.

Sorry I am venting.  As I said I have for years been trying to do this face to face.  I want to get healthy and if possible learn to love my American side again.  Right now, I want my British Passport and move to the UK, where I belong.

Rule Britannia

August 1, 2015


I needed to hear this song this morning.  I am a proud Daughter of the British Empire.  Will always be and if some Irish American boy  wants to hate me because I am half British, then he is not worthy to talk to me and listen to what I have to say so he can learn about White Nationalism.

We Brits are a great race!!!!

Starts with God Save the Queen

I love her and admire her so much.  She is a great lady and HRH Queen Elizabeth will go down in History as one of the greats.

Natural News Article

August 1, 2015



Fracking is really toxic to us and to the environment.  Maybe if enough people join together to fight this issue and other issues that effect the environment, then we can put a stop to fracking once and for all.

When I was a kid, my ex hero Bobby Kennedy talked about each of us being part of the wave of change.  That every person was like a drop of water that formed the big wave of change.  I believed him.  I was a kid for Kennedy when he ran for President.  It is because of him, I knew White Nationalism was wrong.  Hate of others because they are a different race and looking down on women because we were born girls is wrong.  Somehow it didn’t seem right that I who know more about Politics then most men is told that women have no role or place in Politics that my only role in life is to marry and have lots of babies for the White RACE.

Because of his oldest son, Joe II  I no longer believe those words anymore.  He really destroyed me that day in the barn when I asked him for help and he said without asking one question that IT WASN’T HIS PROBLEM.  He is a real gentleman, not.

WHY would he treat a real damsel in distress this way?  Is he an idiot?  Did he hate me because I am half British and he supported the IRA?  Does he hate the fact that I am Conservative based on the UK Party and not American Conservative like the tea party?  He is a Democrat who is very Irish, so I understand his hating me for my British side and being not only a Daughter of the American Revolution and Mayflower, but a Daughter of the British Empire.  Yes, we were from different backgrounds but I thought I could have an intelligent conversation with the son of my hero.  I thought Kennedy’s were smart enough to understand and talk to.  I was wrong.  They are stupid, because only stupid people answer a question like will you help me without asking one question.  To shut your eyes to the pain and suffering of a person who comes to you because you represent the UNITED STATES GOVERNMENT AND SCREAM AT THEM IT ISN’T YOUR PROBLEM IS WRONG AND THE ACT OF AN IDIOT OR AN ENEMY.  I understand his support for the IRA, so is it possible that he treated me way the does because I am half British.

Now I only trust David Cameron the Leader of the United Kingdom.  The United States Government, with how this United States Congressman who represented the United States of America, made it quite clear by the way he treated me in real life, that I AM NOTHING AND HAVE NO RIGHTS AS A HUMAN BEING.  HE DOESN’T VALUE OR THINK WE WOMEN HAVE A PLACE IN THE POLITICAL WORLD EITHER, AS BY DOING NOTHING AND ALLOWING ME TO CONTINUE TO SUFFER AT THE HANDS OF MY ABUSERS, IS ANTI WOMEN.  HE SUPPORTS WHITE NATIONALISTS BECAUSE HE HAD A CHANCE TO LEARN ALL ABOUT THEM AND HE REFUSES TO TALK TO ME…  THAT IS WHY HE IS A BOY AND NOT A MAN IN MY EYES.

Joe II is scum in my eyes.  I am trying to talk to him face to face, so I don’t have to release my feelings online.  I am going to get better and overcome without his help.  Though I will not protect him anymore.  Maybe someday we can talk in person one on one and he can restore my trust and faith in the United States Government?  it is going to take him being a man and talking to me an d explaining his horrid behavior toward me…

If he says I love him, that is a lie.  I despise him, but I need to correct the mistake so I can move forward in life and not be blackballed to the point that no one will listen to me and learn form me.  I am not lying.

I want to believe again in my childhood hero, but his oldest son makes it impossible.

Maybe someday my so called old friend and neighbor in Marshfield will surprise me and we can talk in person and sort out our differences in a good way.  I just want to do the right thing.

I love this song.  When I had a keyboard I would play it.  I miss my music and am thinking that I will at some point like to take lessons on the drum and start playing the keyboard again so take more lesson as it has been years since I played the keyboard.  Someday I will meet the right man that understands me and wants to talk to  me.

I love lavender

July 31, 2015



Today is my Nephew’s Birthday

July 31, 2015


I just want to wish Cam a very happy birthday today.  I love him very much.


July 31, 2015



I support Greenpeace and think they do excellent work.

my thoughts for the night

July 30, 2015


I am worried about a friend, but have to face the fact that she is in charge of her life as I am in charge of my life.  The wine is killing her.  I am not one to judge but I am worried about her.

I hope she will be ok.

I know one thing I am moving forward with my healing.  I have been working through the toxic feelings and emotions today and releasing them, as I was taught in therapy in Phoenix.  I learned alot and am still working through with what I learned.  I see the light at the end of the tunnel.

This time of year I look forward to Fall and planning for the next year.

I will overcome and make it through this difficult time of struggle.  There is a future for me if I am willing to do the tough work that needs to be done in healing myself.  Life already is much better, since I have accepted who I truly am and not having to try and live a life I am not.  I never really was a true Christian, but a natural born witch.  It is in my bloodline.  I am happy knowing I can be the witch I was born to be and look forward to learning and moving forward in the craft.

Sweet dreams everyone.

Fresh tomato recipes.

July 29, 2015


Wonderful Recipes


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