Greetings from Hawaii

March 6, 2016

Today is sorting hat Saturday on one of my Harry Potter facebook groups so I am posting a picture of my House Slytherin.  Yes, I was sorted into slytherin.

It has been a good birthday and I am resting a little before getting ready for dinner.  Going to have steak tonight.

I don’t like the results in Kansas.  I will not vote for Cruz.  Will stay home and give it to Sanders if there is not a Republican I can vote for.  Some may ask why I will not vote for Cruz.

One he is a Christian Conservative who I feel does not represent Pagan Witches like me.  Christians have told me I should be killed because their Bible says Witches are evil and should not live.  Then add the nutter Glenn Beck endorsed him, and you have someone who this Pagan can not vote for.  Not all Conservatives are Christian………..

My Democrat friend in KS will be disappointed as she loves Clinton.  Sanders won Kansas.  I wonder if Sanders will be the next President if Cruz is nominated.  How many non Christians are offended with Cruz and pushing his Catholic/Christian faith down our throats?

Yes Cruz won the Christian vote in the Bible belt.  Will he win the non Christian vote in states that are not in the Bible Belt like Texas, OK, and KS?  Yes, he won Maine, but will states like CA or Hawaii go for Cruz?

Need to Vent

February 29, 2016


I couldn’t watch the OSCARS tonight because Chris Rock made it racist with his anti White statements.  Instead of honoring the best, they now will be nominated based on RACE.  I replied to a post and of course was attacked.  Yet, Blacks are allowed to attack WHITES and are praised as HEROES, and those of us who are offended are labeled EVIL WHITE PEOPLE WHO ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR ALL THE EVIL IN THE WORLD, AND POOR BLACK PEOPLE NEED TO BE GIVEN A FREE PASS AND NOT BE NOMINATED FOR TALENT BUT FOR THE COLOR OF THEIR SKIN.

The Oscars are ruin now.

The women don’t even have the class that they used to have and some of the dresses show why to much.  No class.  Who wants to see their tits hanging out?

My sister is watching it so I left the room as I could not stay and watch it without comment and I don’t want to ruin for her, but I refuse to watch that bullshit crap of how evil WHITE PEOPLE ARE.


Tony Blair Interview

February 23, 2016

Very good Interview.

I am posting their pictures because I admired them so much.    I ask myself what would they tell us if we could have a conversation with them for one hour on how they think we should move forward in this fight against terrorism?

Being strong Tories, I believe they would tackle the problem with every ounce of courage and energy they have.  They would roll up their sleeves and begin to do what needed to be done to WIN.  That is the difference between Brits and Americans.  Americans don’t seem to have the courage and strength to stand up and do the right thing because it is the honorable thing to do.  We Brits have that strength of character running through our blood…  We are not the ENGLISH BULLDOG FOR NOTHING.

We are living in very important times.



February 21, 2016


Knowledge is Power

February 21, 2016

I have always believed knowledge is Power.

Have a great Slytherin Sunday

February 21, 2016

Salazar Slytherin

February 21, 2016

I got sorted into Slytherin House.  Already knew that when the sorting hat on Pottermore sorted me.  Always loved the Slytherin colors the best.  Besides bloodline has always been very important to me, lol.




February 21, 2016

I love peacocks.  I have a feather that I found on the ground in Ohio.  They are so much fun to watch in person.



Posting this article

February 20, 2016

“British historian Simon Schama has written a comment piece for the Financial Times on “the left’s problem with Jews”, the main purpose of which is to argue that “anti-Israel demonstrations are in danger of morphing into anti-Semitism.”

The section I wish to focus on comes near the end, when Schama addresses the emergence of Zionism in nineteenth century Europe – and its ultimate impact on the Palestinians.

That the Palestinians did become tragic casualties of a Judeo-Arab civil war over the country is indisputable, just as the 700,000 Jews who were violently uprooted from their homes in the Islamic world is equally undeniable.” ( from the article)



February 19, 2016

This is a lesson that I am glad I am learning and have released and continue to release the past that no longer serves me.  Our thoughts can either help us or hurt us.


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