I am making Progress in working through Anger Stage

These quotes come from my facebook and they really spoke to me so I am posting them here.

I am a beautiful person because I have a beautiful heart.  To the White Nationalists who said I had a beautiful inside but not pretty enough on the outside because I didn’t have blonde hair and blue eyes,  as I was taught to say in therapy fuck you.

My mother would be shock that I have taken to the use of the word fuck you.  I was raised a lady never swears, but therapy said I need to let my anger out so that saying fuck you is ok for now.

I am loyal.  I still have personal feelings of friendship for you and know for some issues we are fighting on the same side because we fight a common enemy.  You know the concept of the enemy of my enemy is my friend.  It turned out David Duke might be right.  I always said he was a smart man.  Anyway, my anger toward the White Nationalists and making me feel bad because I was born a woman, has worked it way through the system now.  That is a good thing.  I hope someday they will realize that women do have a place in the Political arena in life.

The second quote is to help me work through my anger for the KENNEDY’S.  I AM MAKING IMPROVEMENT.  YESTERDAY INSTEAD OF MAKING A SNIDE COMMENT ON RING OF FIRE I WALKED AWAY, knowing I was walking into a better future.

Someday I know I will remove the black cloud hanging over me.  You could have been decent human beings and helped removed that cloud so I could help the world be a better place.  I do have a good mind and vision.  I just wanted to help Government move into a better future.  I don’t know what happen or why the Kennedy’s HATE ME, so much.  I really don’t.  You can’t know when someone doesn’t tell you their thoughts and why they do what they do.

I still don’t want to hurt them, as I loved them as friends.  I wanted us to work together as a team.  It was never personal but Political relationship I wanted.

Because Joe never faces me, I don’t know why.  Is it because I was Tory Girl and he IRA boy?  Was he jealous I have a better political mind then he does and he was afraid this Conservative would run against him someday?

England is the best place for me to go.  I have been trying to get to England and my British Passport since I was 14.  I am British Monarchist, who is stuck in America, lol.  In England they think women can hold Political Power and have a good political mind.  That is where I need to be and not stuck in a place that punishes someone politically for being a woman.

Someday I will meet the right man for me.  He will be given a rare jewel.  Americans have never understood this Daughter of the British Empire, so it is time to move on.

Happy 2016


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