My thoughts for this morning


Yesterday was Yule, so the Yule blessings to all.  May it be a year of peace.  Listening to my music and that is helping to heal my spirit.  I have given up belief.  I don’t believe in anything any more, except my bloodline.  I know Americans don’t understand me or the concept that your bloodline is who you are.  Our History is contained in our bloodline and the tales of honor and courage of those who walked before us.    Is the British mindset so different then American?

Need my happy song, lol.  How can one be sad when listening to this song.

I have discovered The Piano Guys and they are really good.

I wonder how many other people on American soil can trace their bloodline back to Serving the British Crown for close to a thousand years?  That are still loyal after all these years and is still willing to die in service for the Queen?

I can’t stay in the NSDAR when I do not have real love for their Government.  I stand with those in my family tree who chose England over rebellion against the Crown.  I am a British Monarchist and I can not be part of a group who supports rebellion against that Monarch.  It is just me.  Truth and honor demand that I find out who I am and then embrace and accept that person and hopefully love her.  All my life I had to wear a mask and it is time to find out who the girl is behind the mask.  So I continue on my journey.

Because of how the Kennedy’s treated me and them being the most powerful family in America, if I trust this video I just watched about them being in control of everything, and the American Government refusal to defend me with the Kennedy’s who have used their Political Power to Blackball and lie about me for years so as I could never achieve my Political dreams and desire.  Politics is in my blood.  So I get back why the Blackball?

Their silence has made it to where there is now BAD BLOOD BETWEEN THE KENNEDY’S AND I.  THIS CONTINENT IS NOT BIG ENOUGH FOR BOTH OF US, SO I LEAVE.  THEY CAN HAVE THE UNITED STATES.  I don’t care anymore.  Do what you want Politically because it is up to you, as you are Americans and it turns out my British is much stronger then my American side.  As I said Americans don’t understand.

I wonder how many woman on American soil can prove their ancestors were in the British Military in Service of HRH King George III?  Maybe I should try and start our own group since I will be resigning from the NSDAR as soon as I can find the words to say in my letter.  I am adult and so it is important to not be a spoiled brat in my letter.  To say how I feel yet, in a diplomatic way.

I feel sad if this video is right that the Kennedy’s are so powerful that they control the world, because of their treatment of me.  They  made a mistake.  Instead of facing me like an adult and finding a good solution for all of us, as the British Royal Family would; the Kennedy’s are silent and continue their horrid treatment of me.

Since Joe and Bobby can’t face me to talk to me, I am left wondering what my crime is that would justify their blackball from the Political world and lies.

I continue to think that any man worthy of me, will talk to me and once he sees and knows the true me, will come to my side and fight along side of me, so that the Blackball is removed and the lies exposed and I can embrace my destiny.

So you see it will be a little while before I can sort out my emotions enough to write my letter.  I never thought I would say goodbye to the NSDAR and America.




  1. 1
    chrisy58 Says:

    Can’t forget my Scottish Side.

  2. 2
    chrisy58 Says:

    Love this song, and always have, as I love the Navy a little more then all the other branches, lol

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