Sunday Night

I hope I sleep better tonight then last night.

I am listening to video’s on youtube and I shake my head in disbelief.  Some of the things that the Christian Right posts on there is from la la land.  I have to wonder do they really believe this?

I know Jeff believed what he believed to be truth.  No one else saw things the way he did, not me or his mother (who is a very nice person), but to Jeff, if you don’t believe as he does you are an evil witch as I was, or unsaved and going to hell like his mother, because she rejected the true religion.  To him the true religion is what he believes and giving him the power over you.

Tonight is the last night of Mercury Retrograde so tonight and I am getting rid of any unresolved feelings so I can move forward.

I am grateful for my family.  I love them very much.  Hope they know it.  Would do anything for them.

I realize tonight I still have feelings for the Russian Royal Family.  Years ago I got to see an exhibit that came to KS from Russia and I got to spend time among many of their belongings and being a witch, you might say I got feelings off those items.

You see I was born with gifts that the Church and people like my ex think makes me an evil witch that must be burned in the name of their God.  So yes, I see all these Christian video’s that say the Queen of England is an evil Reptile who eats people etc, etc, and I think what is the difference between the way you lie about her and the way you lied about me all these years?

Tomorrow we can start thinking and bringing new things into our lives.  Under Retrograde you finish up the past, which I have done and feel I have been very productive this cycle and am ready to move forward and embrace the new year.

I am open to what the universe brings into my life.  One has to be open to adventure and love.

Hope everyone had a great weekend.


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