Need to Vent


I couldn’t watch the OSCARS tonight because Chris Rock made it racist with his anti White statements.  Instead of honoring the best, they now will be nominated based on RACE.  I replied to a post and of course was attacked.  Yet, Blacks are allowed to attack WHITES and are praised as HEROES, and those of us who are offended are labeled EVIL WHITE PEOPLE WHO ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR ALL THE EVIL IN THE WORLD, AND POOR BLACK PEOPLE NEED TO BE GIVEN A FREE PASS AND NOT BE NOMINATED FOR TALENT BUT FOR THE COLOR OF THEIR SKIN.

The Oscars are ruin now.

The women don’t even have the class that they used to have and some of the dresses show why to much.  No class.  Who wants to see their tits hanging out?

My sister is watching it so I left the room as I could not stay and watch it without comment and I don’t want to ruin for her, but I refuse to watch that bullshit crap of how evil WHITE PEOPLE ARE.



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