Yesterday Carla finally agreed to go to Hospital and Katie is now starting a new future

I am glad Carla finally went to the Hospital.  We had to get Katie out of that hell.  She was so happy to be out of there.  The stink is very bad in there. Benji barked goodbye and wished his friend good luck.  I wish them both a better tomorrow.

I love Carla as my mother loved her mother, when they were friends growing up in Salina Kansas.  Hope she gets off the red wine and once she is sober she is able to function and gets her mind back.  If it is something more then the wine, then she needs to be somewhere where people can take care of her.

We all have our problems and issues.  Have been working mine through with what I learned in therapy in AZ and I have really seen an improvement.  I want to begin living life after 58 years of living in my own HELL.. So yes, I know what it is like to live in hell.

Called about Carla, but they wouldn’t give me any information.. I know what room she is in but want to wait until she is detoxed before I go and see her.    I hope she will forgive me about Katie, but it was cruel what she was doing to that dog and my other neighbor and I could not stand by and do nothing.  She was being evicted so it just happen a week earlier because Carla had to be taken to the hospital..  Get well my friend!



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