Knowledge is Power

February 21, 2016

I have always believed knowledge is Power.


Have a great Slytherin Sunday

February 21, 2016

Salazar Slytherin

February 21, 2016

I got sorted into Slytherin House.  Already knew that when the sorting hat on Pottermore sorted me.  Always loved the Slytherin colors the best.  Besides bloodline has always been very important to me, lol.




February 21, 2016

I love peacocks.  I have a feather that I found on the ground in Ohio.  They are so much fun to watch in person.



Posting this article

February 20, 2016

“British historian Simon Schama has written a comment piece for the Financial Times on “the left’s problem with Jews”, the main purpose of which is to argue that “anti-Israel demonstrations are in danger of morphing into anti-Semitism.”

The section I wish to focus on comes near the end, when Schama addresses the emergence of Zionism in nineteenth century Europe – and its ultimate impact on the Palestinians.

That the Palestinians did become tragic casualties of a Judeo-Arab civil war over the country is indisputable, just as the 700,000 Jews who were violently uprooted from their homes in the Islamic world is equally undeniable.” ( from the article)



February 19, 2016

This is a lesson that I am glad I am learning and have released and continue to release the past that no longer serves me.  Our thoughts can either help us or hurt us.

Feeling Better

February 17, 2016

I love that chalice!   The Dragon protects me and always has, even when I didn’t know it.  I sure hope that Hawaii has more Witches then Salina and I can have fellowship with others like I had in AZ.

I am who I am and that is ok with me.

Hair Fashion

February 17, 2016


Happy pancake day

February 9, 2016

Happy pancake day.

I think I got some kind of bug

February 9, 2016

I am feeling really sick today.