A Danish Girl speaks


Please listen and take her message to heart.  I know some people don’t want to hear bad news but we must face the truth if we are going to survive as a people. Isis is a big threat.  I am angry at some of the Conservatives in the UK, who are so focused on leaving the EU that they ignore the cries of the people who are suffering at the hands of these men who want to rape and kill us.

We must stand together and start to fight for our very survival.  They are fighting WW III against us and it is time we started to defend ourselves and showing them that we are not as weak as they think we are.  Men you must start to fight back and protect your wives, daughters and sons.  In Europe one is already seeing signs that say Convert to Islam or die.

I can only speak for myself but I will not convert or give up.  Now is not the time to isolate ourselves from Europe.  Now is the time to come together as a CIVILIZED WORLD to FIGHT ISIS.

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