Sunday’s Therapy Sesson

Two of my favorite things in life good English tea and a good book.  The tear is how I am feeling about the state of the world.

Putin is showing his true colors so I am thinking it is time to go into defense mode with him.  His behavior of late, makes me think back to what the White Russians, I knew growing up, taught me about Communism and so I see what is coming down the pike.  Yes, he is fighting Isis, but I still can’t trust him just because we share the common enemy Isis.  I stand by what the British Government decides about Putin and the best way to move forward to deal with the problems facing us.  David Cameron is the Only World Leader I really trust at this point in time.

I cry because the United States that I grew up and of my parents time is dead or very close to dying and most Americans do not realize that fact.  They are to busy watching American Idol, sports, or the American Kool-aide on their tv, to see the writing on the wall.  War is coming!!!

Each side is preparing and showing the other side their new weapons.  I am glad that the British are adding and building new weapons all the time, because Putin has been building his weapons and forces too.  I know David Cameron is for a strong defense and that is why people like the Conservative Party better then the Labour Party at this point.  The last poll was really good news for us.

I hope everyone has a great day.


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