Syria Peace Talks

“The United Nations has said that Syrian peace talks – due to get underway Friday in Geneva – will continue with other participants “subsequently” and “separately” after key delegates refused to join the talks.

The talks stem from an agreement reached in Vienna in November by the International Syria Support Group (ISSG), comprising the Arab League, the European Union, the United Nations, and 17 countries including the United States and Russia, as part of an effort to end the war with an agreement on new governance, a new constitution and new elections.

Special Envoy for Syria, Staffan de Mistura, has said the Geneva meetings will start with proximity talks and are expected to last for six months, with government and opposition delegations sitting in separate rooms and UN officials shuttling between them. The immediate priorities to be discussed are a broad ceasefire, humanitarian aid, and halting the threat posed by Daesh, also known as ISIL.”
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I posted this picture as after all he is Secretary of State now and I am sure has his nose in what is going on.  I remember him as my Senator from MA who I wrote for help and all I got was silence and so I have no respect for the man.  When those who hold Political Power over you refuse to talk to you to hear the truth and choose silence and to allow the suffering to continue when they could have stopped it, are people I will never trust, respect or follow their leadership.

That is why I no longer in my heart can be part of NSDAR (National Society of Daughters of the American Revolution). So John Kerry is part of my anger.  He is a coward just like the Kennedy’s who he covered up for.  Don’t worry Mr. Kerry no one will see this and it is just for my therapy as I want to get well. Though I know you and your old friend TED KENNEDY DELIGHTED IN SEEING ME BE ABUSED.

I only consider myself British now in my heart. For Americans who seem to stupid to understand the true me, it is called CAUSE AND EFFECT.  WHAT GOVERNMENT HAS BEEN THERE FOR MY FAMILY LINE OVER THE GENERATIONS?  THE BRITISH GOVERNMENT.  THE UNION JACK IS THE FLAG OF SALVATION TO MY FAMILY.

Now I am at a point of my therapy Mr. Kerry that I am dealing with my feeling of anger toward the United States Government.  As I said no one reads my online healing journal so you don’t have to worry.  I am not writing these words to hurt you or anyone.  I just need to finish my therapy I started in AZ so I can be healed and moved forward and hopefully get a job in the one field I have passion and knowledge in. Why would you Americans blackball me from a job in Politics when I have a wonderful POLITICAL MIND?  I deserve to be ABLE TO WORK IN THE FIELD OF MY CHOICE WHEN I HAVE SO MUCH TO GIVE TO THAT FIELD.  I DON’T UNDERSTAND AMERICANS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hopefully the British are smarter then the Americans and will talk to me.  I will talk to the Brits and they can tell the Americans.  I don’t trust Americans enough at this point because of your treatment of me to talk to.  I only will talk to the Brits.

Have a nice day.


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