Some Thoughts

I have been reading in the news about a young Danish girl who used pepper spray to defend herself against being raped by the Muslim men who are pouring into Europe, is the one in trouble and not the ones who would rape and murder her.  Denmark shame on you.  Women/girls are human beings and we have the right to defend ourselves from Muslim apes who seek to rape us. Stop the rapes!!!!  Go after them and not the girl.

I know you are between a rock and hard place.  Have been there for many years myself so welcome to HELL.

In the mood for some Stones as I am angry that the girl is in trouble and not the Muslim apes who tried to rape her.

Welcome to hell.  That is what you have unleashed in Europe and the WEST.  Thank you to all who thought we could work side by side with Muslims and the enemy of my enemy is my friend, because White women have to suffer and pay the price for that bad concept.

White men you are going to have to START TO FIGHT FOR OUR SURVIVAL!!!!!



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