Britain Needs To Be Strong

“The modernization of the Russian navy has surfaced as a big concern for Britain who is trying to use it as a pretext for building up its nuclear arsenal.” ( from the article)

I don’t like the use of the word ” PRETEXT”.  It makes it seem like the Russians are not building their arms and the British are just using that as a lie so they have an excuse to build our fleet.

The Russians are building their fleet as they should. Any smart Leader is going to be making their forces stronger, with all that is going on in the world.  Putin is smart, so there is no pretext.

What do I think of Putin?  Haven’t made up my mind about him yet. Like the White Nationalists who I respect more then the KENNEDY’S, I have more respect for Putin then Obama.  One can respect the enemy if they have courage.  Putin like the White Nationalists shows himself to be a man of courage. Is Putin my enemy?  That is the question.

I respect him for fighting Isis.  Yet, having grown up knowing White Russians and Russian Monarchists I have a hard time warming up to someone who was part of the system that murdered the Czar and his family.  Was watching about them last night.  What they did to the children was unforgivable to this Monarchist.  Both Royal Houses were related and were close.

He seems to make all that I was taught about Communists untrue as he seems to defend and speak up for Christians and Jews.  I always thought they were anti Christian and Jewish.

We worked with Russia during WWII and we need to work with them now.  I think we need to prepare for the worst but hope for the better.  So yes, I hope that the British are building up their forces everyday and are developing new weapons to defend themselves and the British people around the world.





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