50 best things to eat in Honlulu


I will have to try some of them when I go for my birthday in Feb and when I move there this Spring.  Have started packing and sorting.  Need more boxes and packing paper for the breakables.  I will miss my Benji as this trip he can’t go because I am not moving there yet.  Yet, I know John is getting so big and I can’t wait to read to him, as I want to pass my love of books on to him.

Watched a neighbor little girl yesterday for a little while and she is about the same age as John.  She is cute but very active.  We took Benji for a little walk in the snow.  I need to get some children’s video’s and games for younger children.  Love children and Benji did good but I think he was happy for her to leave as she loves Benji a little to much for his taste, lol.  He loves his mommy and uncle Blaine upstairs, but we aren’t 2 years old.

19. Mochi Ice Cream from Bubbies.  I love Mochi Ice cream so maybe we will try this while I am there.  I know I love to go to Buzz’s Steak house in Kailua so hopefully we can go there one night.  Don’t know if we will be going to Honolulu much as we have everything we need in Kailua and the Windward side of the Island.

Have got the suitcase out and am starting to pack as the clothes I am wearing in Hawaii are packed away for the Winter anyway, lol.




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