Why the Silence?


I think what would my hero Winston Churchill say if he could come and visit us for one day and we could talk to him.  I believe he would want us to stand up and face the evil of Isis and the Muslim threat as he faced the threat of his generation.

My thoughts and prayers go to this brave young man’s family who are I am sure are weeping tonight.

We people with European blood must fight this WAR to WIN as Winston Churchill and Dietrich Bonhoeffer fought the big WAR of THEIR GENERATION.

This brave young man is a  hero.  HE DIED PROTECTING A GIRL FROM RAPE FROM A MUSLIM.  He did the right thing.  Let us remember him and his act of bravery and let it move us forward in the fight.

Let us remember him as Sam Houston and his men remembered the men who died at the Alamo and it became their battle cry.



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