It is cold outside

It is a cold day in KS.  I did manage to sleep pretty good last night, so I am feeling better on that front.

I think it is terrible that Muslim men are allowed to marry 9 year old girls and they be allowed to rape those girls legally over and over and over again.  This is the mindset you have let into Europe.  You are starting to see the fruit of thinking that one can live along side Muslims who want to kill you because you are not Muslim…….

Muslims are like wild animals. One must be wise and keep an eye on them and not just open up your home and trusting them to respect you.  They want to kill you and are just waiting for the right time.

I know to some of you that makes me an evil racist.  I am not a racist.  They are the racists because they want to kill me for being White and a Non Muslim…  I don’t want to kill them, as they do us.

Muslim Leaders and professors teach that Muslims are above the Law of the Land they live in.  Appeasement never worked before and it will not work now.

I don’t understand why Muslim men are weak and refuse to fight Isis and the Islamic State.  White men would fight for their homeland and families.

At some point Whites all around the world will wake up and refuse to be silent as they face either fight or be killed by the Islamic State who wants to kill us.  I am willing to die fighting them to protect my family.



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