2016- Will the Economy go South?


The RBS was talking about 2016 being worst then the depression of the 20’s and 30’s.

What are the reasons?  I think part of the problem is the United States Government refusing to reign in their debt.  They keep spending money they don’t have.  I say they as I am not in Government so I have no voice or vote.  It is them who have brought this on us and the world.

It isn’t only the United States Government who has been spending like money grows on a money tree that one can just go and pick when one needs money.

We get back to the CAUSE and EFFECT PRINCIPLE.

People are hurting in this country and in the UK.  Working families are having to struggle to just make it through the month.  People are in poverty while Obama and his rich friends continue to get richer and take more vacations on tax payer money. Obama has the nerve to ask for more money after he leaves office for his legacy.  That is bullshit.  He is the worst President ever and he has the nerve to ask for more money over the nice retirement fund he will already be getting.  Oh, but that is right, he wants to be President of the UN now, so I guess he thinks the American Tax Payers need to pay him for that post now.

Part of the Indigo child/adult is that I see through bullshit like that.  He doesn’t fool me with his smile and smooth words.  I see through him.  We have a hard time submitting to authority that lies to us, abuses their power over us, and lacks HONOR.


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