I am posting this very interesting article for your reading pleasure, lol.

I do believe that the United States has drifted so far from the truth, that it hates those of us who are brave enough to tell the truth. Honor is still very important to me.  Plus add loyalty and courage to the mix, and the final product is me.  Though it is the British Monarchy that I am loyal to as has been my family tradition for a thousand years.  Some of us have very old bloodlines and we have been raised different then others who don’t.

The British Government is the one Government that has never let my family down.  When we needed them, they were there; unlike the American Government who said ” IT ISN’T MY PROBLEM”.  That sounds like FUCK OFF TO ME, SO I AM FUCKING OFF.

Back to Putin.  I think he is a very smart man, who has courage.  I admire courage in an enemy.  Is Putin my enemy?  The UK is part of NATO so is he blaming David Cameron?  I will give him Obama.  He can blame Obama all he wants as I agree with him that Obama is like the KENNEDY’S and CAN’T BE TRUSTED OR RESPECTED.  OBAMA WOULD NOT BE PRESIDENT IF IT WASN’T FOR TED KENNEDY AND THE KENNEDY FAMILY.  SO THAT PUTS OBAMA IN THE FRIEND OF MY ENEMY IS MY ENEMY CAMP.

I tend to defend David Cameron as he is Leader of the Conservative Party which me being Tory girl, means he is the one World Leader I listen to and submit to.

I do admire Putin for what he is doing in fighting Isis.  So Putin could be in the enemy of my enemy could be my friend camp.  Time will tell, if Putin and Cameron come to trust and work together to solve the problems that need taken care of in the world.  I would like to see Cameron move away from Obama as he can not be trusted to tell the truth to the UK or other Nations.


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