Will our men fight back?


Men you are going to have to start standing up and defending your women and children.  No more can you afford to be lulled into thinking the Muslim is your friend; as the proof is being played out over Europe.

I don’t want this happening in the UK or even in the United States.  It could, if we continue to be stupid.  I pray the Brits are smarter then the Americans.  They always have been, and I pray they still are.

We need a Winston Churchill for this generation.  His History of the English Speaking People is one of my book treasures.  I am re-reading it again.

I will never give up.  Anyone who knows me, knows I tend to fight.  Sometimes one has to fight, even if they don’t want to.  Our men need to find the courage and backbone to fight this new threat to Europe and the world, the way our parents and grandparents fought the threat to their generation.



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