Sunday Morning

Good morning.

More quotes from facebook, that really speak to me this morning, so I am posting them here.

Somewhere out in the world, is the right man for me.  Just haven’t met him yet. You know who has the courage to not just listen to what is said and written about me, but will actually come and talk to me and find out for himself what is truth and what is false.

Yet, I am learning that even those men who are cowards have a lesson to teach us, so I even thank you universe for them too.  If they are not brave enough to face me to talk to me and find out the truth for themselves, then they are not worthy of this rare British jewel.  I thank them for showing me how unworthy they are of me,  now I can continue waiting for the right man.  Nothing ever happen between us that I have to feel guilty about.  We never kissed or did anything, so I am happy you showed your true colors before I fell in love with you.  A crush is not love.

Love is being with a real man who is not afraid to face a real woman.  A helpmate is what he is looking for and not just a sexy girl to have a fling with.  Nothing wrong with that, but some of us are more the helpmate type.    When it comes to romance I need someone who is not afraid to make the first move.

Most of my relationships with men are sharing conversation about Political and World Affairs.  It is a mental exchange of ideas.  They just don’t feel that way about me, it is more like friends. I wonder if there is a man out there who will ever feel like he wants to get close to me on a different level then conversation?

Are nice girls still desired as a helpmate in life?


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