Very True


Today is the first Monday of the New Year.

I have made a lot of progress in my healing in 2015 and will continue forward.  Hopefully by New Year’s Day 2017 I will be even better.  I learn from my mistakes.  It might take me awhile as I am a slow learner, but I do learn.

For many years I asked myself why. What was there about me and my actions that are to blame for what happen that day in the barn when I asked a neighbor, who I thought was a friend for help.  Yet, the answer is, it is on Joe and not me.  I did everything right.  I tried to do the right thing for years and I still don’t want to hurt him or his family, but I am sorry his mistake must be corrected so I can embrace my future that I was supposed to have.  I do have a good Political mind, which is why I was so surprised the Kennedy’s blackballed me and make it to where I couldn’t get a job in the field I am passionate and have a good mind in.

It is on them.  Was it jealously on Joe’s part?  He knowing that I have a better mind then he has and that someday I would run against him in MA politics?  Was it that I am British and he hates the British?  I will never know until Joe and his family face me and tell me the truth, knowing I don’t want to hurt him, I just want peace of mind.  I want to put the past behind me and move forward into the new year, away from the United States.

How can I move forward when I don’t know what crime I commented that made the United States Government HATE ME SO MUCH?

Working on my letters now to resign from DAR as I can no longer love the United States after what Joe and Ted Kennedy did to me when they held political power over me.  They used their power to destroy my life, so yes, cause and effect.  Not one person in the United States Government showed me courage or honor when they remained silent and allowed the Kennedy’s to destroy my life, for the sake of Joe’ s Political dreams and goals.

I am not a spoiled brat and I love these dear woman who I have known all my life and were good friends of my mother.  So I need to sort out my feelings of why I no longer love the United States.  I have to much love for them to pretend with them.  Yet, I need to be kind and loving in my resignation letter.  I am an adult unlike Joe and Bobby who decided to circle the wagon to protect his brother, instead of talking to me and finding a workable solution that is good for of all of us. What is Bobby’s plan to make the situation right?

Maybe England is the solution?  Maybe Hawaii, where I am off the mainland?  I just know the Kennedy’s destroyed my love for this United States Government.

I am not like most girls.  Have always been different and a rare jewel.  If he is not man enough to face me and find out the truth himself by talking to me and giving me a chance to prove I am telling the truth then the Kennedy’s are not worthy of a girl with my bloodline.

The right man is out there. Who knows where he is or when or where I will meet him.  Will I meet him because he found my blog and decides to leave comments?

Continue to work on my overcoming what I need to overcome to move forward and all will fall into place. Someday I will have a scary boyfriend of my own that does scary boyfriend things, lol.



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