Another Unhappy Article

I will not bash the fighting Forces of the British Government.  I stand with the brave men and women who put their lives at risk to keep us safe.

One of the things the Kennedy’s never understood about life is the truth always comes out.  Your dirty deeds always come to light.  It is how we handles ourselves when we make mistakes in life. Do we admit them and seek to make things right?  Or do we hide them and circle the wagon around ourselves so that our crimes are not brought to light?  Are we honest with ourselves and the role we play in other people lives?

I don’t believe anyone in the British Government ordered War Crimes to be committed.  David Cameron has admitted his mistakes in the past which is why he is one of the few world Leaders I have respect for.  There are three in total.  None of them Americans.  I believe the Prime Minister will get to the bottom of this as well as the Queen.  She doesn’t want her forces committing WAR CRIMES AROUND THE WORLD.  They are not monsters as some people on youtube claim.  It is sicking to me the lies told about the Royal Family.




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