Working through the anger in a healthy way


In AZ they taught me how to release the anger in an healthy way by myself.  Am fighting a Christmas/New Year cold I think. yuck…

Life does go on.  You learn from your mistakes and move forward toward the same goal.  I haven’t changed my goal of being active in Government, though for me it is British Government that interests me and not American, because of what Joe and his uncle did to me.  Cause and effect.  When those who hold Political Power over you do what the KENNEDY’S did to me, you have the effect that they can’t trust their own Government.  How does one regain trust, love, and respect when the people who betrayed that trust refuse to be men of honor and face me?  I am only a Tory girl who has no power in life.  I couldn’t hurt the Kennedy’s, so why are they scared to face me and tell me the truth?

I know the answer, but am just stating it out loud so my mind can process the answer.

I feel better releasing some of that anger this morning writing on my blog.  It is on to generation next and to new chapters in my life.



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