Some Background Info

I know a lot of lies have been told about me, yet I would never hurt another human being.  I always chose love and mercy.  Never wanted to treat others the way I have been treated in life, with the harsh judgment, lies told about me, and people who blocked me on purpose from succeeding in life.  Why?  Yet, I didn’t turn into a terrorist bomber who kills people.. So why would someone from a middle class home change like she did and be involved in a terror plot?

People like to think that all people who have suffered abuse become crazy nut jobs who abuse and hurt others. WRONG.  Some of us, because of the pain we have endured at the hands of others would never cause pain to others because we have compassion in our hearts and don’t want to see others suffer.  People react to life in different ways.

I was once told by a professional that I will never understand the way they think because I have a normal mind and so I can’t ever think like they do.  I am just glad that she was not able to carry out their plan.  Very grateful for that.



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