I get so angry sometimes




First I would like to send my thoughts and prayers to the people in England who are suffering due to the terrible flooding.  What words can I say to express what I am feeling in my heart, except stay strong and I know that your strength will help you make it through the darkness.  That each of us can be a light in the darkness.  Let us not give up hope that better days are ahead.

I had to defend David Cameron on the comment section as I took offense of the second article I posted calling him UNCARING.

I know the the PM cares very deeply and is doing all he can. Remember he is a man and not a machine.  He is on top of what is happening and we must give him time to make everything happens that needs to happen.  I may not be explaining this right.  Let us give him the chance to do his job as PM and not condemn him with unfair comments.  Does taking jabs at David Cameron help the situation on the ground.  NO, it doesn’t help the people on the ground.   Let the man do his job.  He was elected PM and not you.




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