Alex Jones

I needed that after trying to listen to an Alex Jones video. lol

On my facebook feed I get videos posted that I like to watch.  I like my BBC videos the best.  Anyway, there is an American Alex Jones who the Christian Right in their country like, who I think is on that crazy train to the cliff of destruction.  I think he is the conductor of one of their crazy trains. lol.

Some of what passes as political debate in America is dribble to the rest of the world.  In other nations my mind would have been valued by Political men who wanted a strong and passionate wife to be their helpmate in life.  British men have always seen the true me and understood this rare jewel of a woman.

Do Americans really think the British Royal Family turns into reptiles as some Americans post to youtube.  Everyone has a right to their own thoughts.  That is why I have a journal to help work through the PTSD I suffer.

Yet, why would I want to love a Government that has become a crazy train?


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