I do think Climate Change is real



I wonder if White Nationalists are more open to climate change then they were when I was one.  The more and more I read on the topic, I have come to the conclusion that they are wrong and that those who say climate change is real are right.

It amazes me that in America we still have people who believe that climate change is a hoax,  that powerful people around the world shape shift into reptiles, or any other crazy talk coming off the crazy train that has become America.  That is why I am moving into exile in Hawaii.  I wash my hands of the HATE and LIES.

Their seems to be no intellectual honesty in American Political sectors which make it impossible for this DAUGHTER OF THE BRITISH EMPIRE to HOLD A POLITICAL CONVERSATION WITH AMERICANS IN GOVERNMENT.  What a shame, that he couldn’t find a way to put his personal feelings for the IRA blind  him to the advantages of working with a TORY GIRL.  Because of that POLITICAL BLUNDER I RESIGN FROM THE DAR.  I CAN’T LOVE THE AMERICAN GOVERNMENT AFTER WHAT JOE KENNEDY II DID TO ME.

Found a good quote today, so hopefully the anger stage won’t last to much longer.  I have worked so hard to overcome the blocks in my path.  I don’t understand why people can’t see the true me and value me for the rare jewel I am.  Oh, well, Brits have always understood me better then Americans. They think I am wonderful we get along great.  No WAR like with Joe and the Kennedy’s.  THEY ARE LIKE A BLACK CLOUD HANGING OVER ME.  I WANT OUT OF THE UNITED STATES SO BADLY AND FAR AWAY FROM THEM.  Maybe then I can begin to forget if I am away from their POWER HOLD OVER ME BECAUSE THEY HAVE POLITICAL RULE OVER ME.


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