Merry Christmas


Went to Christmas Eve service at the Episcopal Church.  Hadn’t been there in years.  It was nice.  Went with an deal old friend that I have known for years.  We used to sing in the choir together.  We then went out to Olive Garden for dinner and now I am home writing in my journal.  As I need to sort through the anger stage.

There are 5 steps one must work through.  Boston changed me and I am glad I did what I had to do in my therapy as I do want to get pass the pain and struggles that have held me back all these years.

I do think resigning from the DAR is the best thing for me.  I am not some spoiled brat that is going to write my letter in anger.  I am sorting out my feelings and when I know the reason why I can no longer be a member, will write it in an diplomatic way.  I love these women and don’t want to hurt them, but I just feel because of my feelings of hurt and pain caused by those who held Political Power over me in MA, that I can’t love this Government right now.  Exile is the best thing for the British Monarchist.

Tomorrow will be a busy day.  Plan to eat about 2.  We are doing pot luck.  I am doing the Turkey and dressing.

Will write more tomorrow.


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