I am decended from Humprey Griswold

Many eminent men have sought ” Lady Buells” for consorts.  The reason is evident in their History. They were good wives and mothers, and such are particularly desired by eminent men, whose time and thought are so entirely absorbed by their public duties that they must have wives who are capable of assuming the entire management of the affairs of the household, also the care and education of children.

I just don’t understand the idiot boy Joe Kennedy and why he treated me that day in the barn all these years ago that he treated me so badly.  I would love to compare blood lines.  I doubt he has the bloodline I have.

I used to think in America that the old wars would be forgotten as we were on a different continent.That even though Joe supported the IRA, and I am and will always be loyal to the point of death to the current reigning Monarch on the British throne, that we could work together in MA as we both lived there and were both American.  But I guess I was wrong.  Joe Kennedy supported the IRA, and my Irish bloodline goes back to when the English King Edward III sent our ancestor to Ireland in 1300’s.

Page 9 on the Buell Family History Book, has printed letters by the King, Edward III:

It seems like in 1363 the Thomas De Beurle, Prior of the Hospital of St John of Jerusalem in Ireland and the Chancellor of Ireland, Counsellor to the King, had a grant of Letters Patent, for the appointing of Justices, throughout the whole of Ireland, on this 16 day of November in 1363.


Starting with the Griswold Line, as this is just one of my bloodlines..

Deborah Griswold born 28th June, 1646 at Killingworth CT.  She was daughter of Edward Griswold of Windsor, CT.

Page 26 of Buell family History Book:

Ancestry of Griswold, Malvern Hall, County Warwick, England.

The family of Griswold derived their descent from Humphrey Griswold of Greet, Lord of the Manor, and are mentioned as an honorable family in English History as early as the sixteenth century.


The Griswolds came from Cambridgeshire, where they were seated as early as 1135, in which year sir Launcelot de Griswolde was sheriff of the County, and two years after was Knight of the Shire, and County member of the House of Commons.

The Melvern Estate came into possession of the Griswold Family about the year 1600. Someday I would love to see it.

Humphrey died in 1671.

As you can see, I am English on both sides.  This is my mothers side.  On my dad’s side my greatmum was born in Manchester and I haven’t been able to research the Thompson line yet.

It has been about 35 years since I last got to look Joe in the face.  Now, I will only talk to a Kennedy if someone from the British Government is there to make sure he doesn’t do anymore crap to hurt me and blackball me from POLITICS which as you can see is in my bloodline.  English Kings seems to think we were smart enough to use in the service of the British crown all over the world.  Not the AMERICANS who LIE ABOUT ME.

What is your Bloodline Joe and Bobby Jr?  Let us compare them and see whose family is qualified to hold HIGH OFFICE IN GOVERNMENT.

I have always loved this song, so I don’t care if it offends Americans at this point, after the way Joe and Bobby Jr continue to treat this DAUGHTER OF THE BRITISH EMPIRE.

Next I will work on the Loomis line.



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