A New Day Dawns In KS.


Love this picture.  Got out the Buell Family History Book, which I will be posting my line.

Let me start by playing a song.  I did the right thing in trying to face the Kennedy’s and sorting out our differences before going to WAR.  Their silence makes it very clear that they would rather go to WAR, then seek PEACE!  why?  Is it because their support of the IRA makes them HATE WITH A PASSION ANYONE WHO IS LOYAL TO THE BRITISH CROWN?


Life is never easy.  You do what you can with the resources in front of you.  I don’t need a fancy college degree to make me smart.  One can teach themselves by reading and having the fire inside of you to learn and soak up knowledge.

Am reading the History of the English Speaking People again by Winston Churchill.  It is one of my treasure books that I keep close to me and read often.  The Buell Family History book is another as well as the Prince and other writings by Machiavelli.  So one does not need a fancy college degree to make you smart.  What makes you smart is your mind and having the passion to educate yourself because you know knowledge is power.  Joe has college degrees yet, he is not smart when it comes to dealing with us half Brits and so because of his incompetence I no longer consider myself American.  I renounce my American Citizenship.  Someday, I will make it home to England..



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