Good Morning


Love this picture of all the future rulers of the British Empire.

One of the questions that I have always wondered is why I was so lucky to be treated like I was by Joe, Ted, and Bobby Jr Kennedy?  Was it because they are loyal to the IRA as I am loyal to the British Royal Family who they hate with a passion.  Even though we both were in MA, I am also a Daughter of the British Empire.  Even my Irish blood is from Northern Ireland, and of course we all know how the IRA and their Irish/American loyalists feel about those of us who are British and are loyal to the British Empire and Queen.

The Kennedy’s refused to meet me in Boston this past Halloween, so they missed the chance to ever earn any respect for them.  I think they are cowards, idiots, and deserve being POLITICALLY BLACKBALLED AS THEY USED THEIR POLITICAL POWER TO LIE AND BLACKBALL ME.  KARMA IS COMING TO THE KENNEDY’S.

You would think that Ethel as Joe and Bobby’s mum would tell her sons to act like adult men who deserve to hold Political Power in the world to face me and talk to me as adults so we can sort out the lies and get to the truth, and both of us try and find a way to reach an agreement between that is good for both of us.

The British and IRA are talking in Ireland, but the Kennedy’s refuse to talk to this half Brit and half American girl.  Are the Irish Americans afraid of the truth?  I am not.

WE all make mistakes, all of us.  I have made a lot.  So has every single human being.  But we Brits, face our mistakes and have the courage to face the people we have wronged and make things right.  Yet, the Kennedy’s who are so proud of their ties to the IRA and Ireland, lack that courage.  Where does the cowardly behavior comes from?  Is it their Irish blood?  Whereas my British Blood makes me strong, as we English are a strong race and are not afraid to do the right thing.

Is it a Catholic thing?

Is it because Joe was born mentally challenged and should never have been allowed to run for POLITICAL OFFICE in any nation?  I am not saying Joe should have been put away, but he should never have been allowed to be a Congressman and part of the UNITED STATES GOVERNMENT BECAUSE HE IS IDIOT BOY!

With Bobby jr, he is not intellectually honest, which is why he failed to do the right thing, when I chose him to represent me with Joe to do the right thing.   I tried to do the British thing and face my enemy and try and see if like the British Government and the IRA we could come to a peace treaty between us and stop the WAR between us.  Instead being wise, Bobby turned to be a fool.  Only a FOOL would refuse to talk to someone who had been wronged by your family and tried to be fair and honest and handle it as adults.  He is a child too.

The Kennedy’s had their chance to talk things out with me one on one without anyone else.  Now, I won’t talk to any Kennedy unless someone from the British Government is there, so they can protect me from being bullied by the Kennedy’s again.  You see bullies like Joe and Bobby, Ted is dead, have left a long line of victims.  A bully only respects someone who has the strength to stand up to them.  This BRIT HAS THE COURAGE.  So you see, Bobby is idiot too, I guess. The only one in that family who even showed me an ounce of courage was Michael.  I know about the scandal but he showed me courage so out of all of them he was the best.  Michael is dead so I had to try Bobby Jr.  Bobby Jr make it worst, because I went from denial to anger stage.  How long will anger stage last?  I don’t know.

I have the courage to look in the mirror. Do the Kennedy’s?  I think not, as they have had 35 years to make things right between us.  No, their pride and arrogance blinds them to the truth.

I have had to suffer at the hands of others for my Political beliefs and bloodline, so  I don’t have that entitlement that the Kennedy bothers Joe and Bobby have.  They are not respected by most people who know them.  People might not say what they really think to their face, but people that have had personal contact with them and been screwed over by them, do not respect them at all.  I don’t think that family line should ever be allowed to hold real POLITICAL POWER in any nation or government.  They had their chance to make it right between us and remove all the lies and blackball they placed on me and deny me my rightful place on the Political scene.  It is ok, karma is a bitch so it will all come upon them the pain and suffering they  caused me and others.


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