Someday I will make it home to the UK for long visit.


Love this song and so I am sharing this with you.  It is from Scotland, the home of my Grandfather and ancestors.  Remember I was raise both British and American and taught to be a British Monarchist first in my heart.

I love the Queen and will die for her or anyone in the Royal Family.  I wouldn’t die for the Americans in Government because of how I was treated by the Kennedy’s and then by those in power who could have done the right thing but refused to talk to me and stand up and defend me so that the truth can be told and the Political Blackball is lifted.

I always loved this song, being part Scottish.  Love my Bagpipes too.  I needed to hear that because I needed to have my spirit lifted that someway God, who ever he is, as I am not sure at this point, will correct the situation and I can believe again.

This song brings tears to my eyes, but it gave me to have hope that I am on the right path.  I am strong, and overcome.



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