Putin is telling the truth

There is sub titles.  I don’t agree with everything he says, but he makes some really good points.  He is a smart man.

The United States Government by their actions is making us weaker by the day.  When your  Government lies to our friends and people who want to work with us and we attack our friends and then our enemies there is very little response so our enemies don’t fear us, that makes a very dangerous situation like Putin says.

Yes, he was KGB and I have had Americans say I should go to Russia if I think Putin is a man of intelligence, truth, courage, and strength to stand up for those who are suffering at the hands of Isis.  Yes, like WWII we need to join together and fight against the common enemy, instead of helping the enemy get stronger.  So yes, I have more respect for Putin then Obama and the American Government.

When you have those in power in your own Government who are allowed to lie, steal and cheat those who live under their power, the result of that action is what happen to me.  I am angry, I think they are weak and stupid.  Yes, Putin is intellectually honest and so people of all Political views from all countries should be able to talk to each other honestly about their Political views and solutions to the problems of the world.  I have a great Political mind, why would the Kennedy’s blackball me and refuse to tell me the truth about a personal real estate matter in Marshfield.  Putin like White Nationalists is a man of courage who is fighting because he sees the threat to his people and country.

Hopefully Political people who are intellectually honest from all around the world can come together and fight Isis in spite of what Obama and the United States Government does.  Notice there is a difference between the Government and the American People who I love and am part of.



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