I am going to start posting my English Heritage


I have my Union Jack in my house it is the heart of my home.  I am honored my ancestors were part of the Order of Bath.  My ancestors were Knights to English Kings/Queens.  In the Buell Family History Book I own it talks about our ancestor being sent to France to try and prevent War.  I am very proud of my bloodline.

I also have German blood in me, because my great grandfather on my mom’s side was from Sax Coburg Germany, as that was in the Family Bible.  So yes, I was raised to be a British Monarchist first in my heart, which I am.  I am a Daughter of the British Empire as well as a Daughter of the American Revolution.  As I said like my one childhood hero left in my heart, Winston Churchill, I have an good old bloodline in both the UK and USA.

Don’t get me wrong, I loved my American side and being a Daughter of the American Revolution as well as  being a daughter of the British Empire, until the Kennedy’s did their evil deed toward me and made me penniless.  I tried to be fair and honest and give them a chance to answer if what others were coming forward and telling my family and I were true, but like the cowards and idiots they are, decided to circle the wagons and cover up the crimes of Joe and Ted Kennedy against me.  Bobby Jr for refusing to have the honest and moral character to talk to me himself and find out the truth and then defend me with his brother, make it to where I will never talk to the Kennedy’s again alone without someone from the British Government there.


Knights of the Bath

In the Middle Ages, knighthood was often conferred with elaborate ceremonies. These usually involved the knight-to-be taking a bath (possibly symbolic of spiritual purification)[16] during which he was instructed in the duties of knighthood by more senior knights. He was then put to bed to dry. Clothed in a special robe, he was led with music to the chapel where he spent the night in a vigil. At dawn he made confession and attended Mass, then retired to his bed to sleep until it was fully daylight. He was then brought before the King, who after instructing two senior knights to buckle the spurs to the knight-elect’s heels, fastened a belt around his waist, then struck him on the neck (with either a hand or a sword), thus making him a knight.[17] It was this accolade which was the essential act in creating a knight, and a simpler ceremony developed, conferring knighthood merely by striking or touching the knight-to-be on the shoulder with a sword,[18] or “dubbing” him, as is still done today. In the early medieval period the difference seems to have been that the full ceremonies were used for men from more prominent families.[16]

From the coronation of Henry IV in 1399 the full ceremonies were restricted to major royal occasions such as coronations, investitures of the Prince of Wales or royal Dukes, and royal weddings,[19] and the knights so created became known as Knights of the Bath.[16] Knights Bachelor continued to be created with the simpler form of ceremony. The last occasion on which Knights of the Bath were created was the coronation of Charles II in 1661.[20]

From at least 1625,[21] and possibly from the reign of James I, Knights of the Bath were using the motto Tria iuncta in uno (Latin for “Three joined in one”), and wearing as a badge three crowns within a plain gold oval.[22] These were both subsequently adopted by the Order of the Bath; a similar design of badge is still worn by members of the Civil Division. Their symbolism however is not entirely clear. The ‘three joined in one’ may be a reference to the kingdoms of England, Scotland and either France or Ireland, which were held (or claimed in the case of France) by English and, later, British monarchs. This would correspond to the three crowns in the badge.[23] Another explanation of the motto is that it refers to the Holy Trinity.[12] Nicolas quotes a source (although he is sceptical of it) who claims that prior to James I the motto was Tria numina iuncta in uno (three powers/gods joined in one), but from the reign of James I the word numina was dropped and the motto understood to mean Tria [regna] iuncta in uno (three kingdoms joined in one).[24]

For more info click on the link but that is a sample.

I know we served under several Kings.  In 1640 the younger son of a Lord came to America to make his mark.  A lot of younger sons did that in those days, as it was still part of the British Empire then.

My family married English all the way done the line on my side as my father was half British as his parents were born in both Glasgow, Scotland and Manchester, England.

I don’t know if I will ever be able to trust the American Government again, after what the Kennedy’s did to me.  They are called America’s Royal Family.  WHAT A LAUGH.  THE KENNEDY’S EQUAL TO THE BRITISH ROYAL FAMILY?  I DON’T THINK SO.  I would die to protect the Queen, and her family if needed as all British Subjects should.  I don’t feel that way about the Kennedy’s or their American Government that they hold so much power in that, Ted and Joe would be allowed to bribe the attorney in MA who was handling the probate for my dad in that state when he died.  They knew I was fatherless and unprotected and they needed that house in Marshfield sold.  They didn’t care what Laws they broke to make it happen.

I tried and tried to do the British thing and talk to them face to face as adults not going to do anything to get even, but just wanting the truth so I could have peace of mind, but they after all these years refuse to face me.  So their silence tells that they are guilty.

The British Royal Family would face me and talk to me one on one do the right thing, so no, the Kennedy’s are not even near on the same level of the British Royal Family.




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    chrisy58 Says:

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    chrisy58 Says:

    We need this generation’s Winston Churchill so badly with what is going on in the world. I admire him so much.

  3. 3
    chrisy58 Says:

    Another great Conservative Leader.

    I am getting my emotions out as tears are coming. Learning to cry is a good thing. Need to go to the store, but will continue posting I am sure when I get home.

    Someday I will make it to England.

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    chrisy58 Says:

    She was a great Leader and a very proud Conservative.

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    chrisy58 Says:

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