Wake Up America.

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This is what the Middle East Media says in their own words and thoughts.  They are telling you the truth.  Will America wake up in time and start fighting back?  Do they even care?  We are getting weaker everyday since Obama has become President.  Our Enemies don’t fear us and our friends don’t trust us anymore.

Found I got banned from Ring of fire groups I belonged to on facebook.  What cowards.  Couldn’t bear to hear the truth and be told that they are the one full of hate and not White Men who they love to bash.

It is ok, It is not the end of the world.  It shows me what cowards the Kennedy’s and their Democrat Progressive friends are.

I am not White Nationalist and there is no going back, but I have more respect for them and think they are better men then the Kennedy’s.

I will be ok and continue on my path of healing and finding out who I am.

Can’t sleep.

Can’t speak for anyone else but me.  But I will spread truth on my blog for as long as I can.

Wake up people and realize we are living in the danger zone and we need to stop being lambs and sheep.


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