Where is this Generation’s Churchill?


We need a man like Churchill.  He was my hero too as a kid and one of my treasures I cherish is his History of the English Speaking Peoples” series he wrote in the 50.  I am re-reading those books plus ” the Prince”.

I think one of the reasons I always connected to Churchill is that we both share a common thread of having both American and British bloodlines that go way back.  I am a British Monarchist at heart and am proud that my ancestors were in the Order of Bath in the 1500’s.  I know the younger son of a Lord came to  CT in the 1640’s.  Younger sons did that in those days.

I am a Conservative based on the UK.  David Cameron is the Party Leader of that Party.  For some reason he seems to like Obama and doesn’t stand up to him for the good of the British people as he should, but seems to be Obama’s puppet who does what is told by the Americans.  Churchill would never allow Obama or any other World Leader to push the UK and the British Government around.  He didn’t lie, but during her darkest hour found the courage to fight and gave that courage to his people to fight too.  He said there is no fear but fear itself.  maybe that is why I don’t fear the rich and powerful American Political Leaders who have showed me that they are less of men then White Nationalist men.  I have more respect and trust for David Duke and Don Black then Americans in the American Government, who lie, with every word they speak.

I think one of the reasons Bobby Kennedy Jr and his Ring of fire cult banned me is I posted article like this telling the truth and standing up and saying you are lying about White man and you are the ones with hate in your heart.  David Duke and others I knew through Stormfront and the NA do what they do because they believe in their heart that they must fight to protect ourselves from the evil that is coming upon us.

I know one of the reasons I left White Nationalism is because in my view many WN’s wanted to join with Muslims and work together against what they think is a common enemy the Jew.  I took a DNA test and am 1% Jewish so in the eyes of White Nationalists I knew in real life, I am Jewish and therefore am the enemy.  I am slowly accepting that I am Jewish because of my DNA and the one drop rule.  Yet, Politically, I have more in common with my Stormfront and NA friends I knew in real life.

I hope that we can reach a place that we can treat each other fairly and honestly.  I have never been afraid to say to anyone’s face what I say behind their back.  That is one reason why I admire and respect the White Nationalists from Stormfront is that they too have that courage.


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    chrisy58 Says:

    He is one of the best in the world. I am strong and will be ok. I have a good mind, even though the Kennedy’s lie and say different. They are the liars and not me. the list is long of people who have suffered at the hands of the Kennedy’s.

    Someday, it will all come down upon them as karma is a bitch. Words have power and I cursed their family line on Halloween at the Kennedy graves in Brookline, because of the cowardly behavior of Joe and Bobby Jr.

    I am not afraid of them, because my bloodline goes back even further then theirs. They have the money and power and all I have is truth,courage, and strength. They are weak and so someday people will get sick of all the crap they have brought to this country and turn away from them and their power will all be gone and no one will ever vote another Kennedy as President. They don’t deserve to hold Political Power. David Duke is more qualified to be President then a Kennedy.

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