Hope you are having a nice Holiday Season


I am feeling blue today so the blue rose.

This Christmas I am not going to be with family in Hawaii, but here in KS alone with my toy poodle Benji.  We are suppose to get a trace of snow tonight/tomorrow so that may cheer me up as I would like to see a little snow this Holiday season.

I love Benji and the best thing for us is moving to be near to family next year.  Can’t wait to move to Hawaii and am ready to finally move off the mainland.

I really do not want Bernie Sanders to be the next President.  Anyone that the Kennedy’s endorse will not get my vote.  RFK jr supports and endorses Sanders, so they are two birds of a feather. Since Bobby Jr has chosen Sanders, that means I don’t want him to be President as he is no different then the Kennedy’s.  People think they are so great and no one wants to hear the truth about them.  Their victims are just suppose to be happy to have been used and discarded by the Kennedy’s when they finish using you.  Scum is what they are.  So the friend of my enemy is my enemy Bernie.  You will never get my vote or respect.  You are on the same level as your dear friend Bobby and his family.

Someone may look at my past and say you were in the NA and were a White Nationalist.  Yes, that is true, I have more respect for David Duke then I do the Kennedy’s.  I have more respect for all the White Nationalists I met and knew through my years involved in White Nationalism.  They are more honest and have moral courage, whereas the Kennedy’s are cowards and lack moral courage to look someone in the face and tell them the truth.

Yes, I still have anger that I am working out, but any thought of working or being friends again with the Kennedy’s is dead.  I am dead to them so they are dead to me.  I am powerless and can’t hurt them in anyway, as they have all the money and power they inherited from their father. I am strong and I have a good mind..  I am smart and honest.  I may not agree with the White Nationalists I have known in person, but I admire their courage in standing up for what they believe.   There is more hate spewed from Ring of Fire forum then Stormfront.  There is very little difference, except that Stormfront and Don Black are more honest and are not afraid to hear all sides of the story, whereas Progressives like the Kennedy’s would rather believe lies and half truths then to give a person a chance to defend themselves.  Yep while the American Way has always been to give the person the right to face their accuser face to face, the Kennedy’s refuse to meet with a victim of their scam.  They got what they wanted from me and didn’t care that they were breaking the Law in bribing the Attorney in Massachusetts who was handling my dad’s probate in MA so that I would buy their money pit house in Marshfield without a real estate agent.  I felt something was wrong about this deal but didn’t think I could get out of it once we shock hands on it, even though no papers had been signed.  Real scum bag.

I am sure I am not the first person who has visited the Kennedy graves in Brookline and curse the family line.  Words are power and so yes, when one places a curse on someone there is power.  On Halloween and at the graves, I know my words were heard.  They way the Kennedy’s treated me is the way they will now be treated.  They will never be happy and I don’t believe will ever hold the Political Power they once held in this country.  The Kennedy era is over.  It is time for the Kennedy’s to be denied any real power in this country.

People keep telling me that there are others in this nation who don’t like the Kennedy’s either.  I don’t know if that is true, because it seems like they continue to get away with crime after crime that they commit against people.  They have no honor and don’t care what lives have been ruin by their greed, and thinking they are special because they are Kennedy’s and they can break Laws and continue to get a get out of jail free card.

Even Teddy Jr is getting away with the dirty deeds his company did while he was running it.  He will pay a fine and it will be all hushed up and he will get a free pass too.

The Kennedy’s really suck and so Bernie Sanders I will never vote for you as you are their friend which makes you my enemy, because they have made it very clear they are my enemy.

I needed to vent, and so I am using my online journal that I started in therapy in AZ.  I have faced the wolf and defeated them, because at least I had the courage to face them and talk face to face.  They are cowards to not be able to face a girl and talk Politics with. They are cowards to not look me in the face and tell me the truth about the role they played in getting my attorney to push their house on me without a real estate agent.

I lived in MA and they held POLITICAL POWER OVER ME.  Ted Kennedy SR was willing to break the LAW so that his nephew could continue to be Congressman as the house needed to be sold by a certain day.  They needed me to sign those papers by the last day which we did.  Obama would not be President if not for TED KENNEDY AND THE KENNEDY’S.  Obama could have showed me he was a real man of courage and talk to me and stand up for me, but no he is the friend of my enemy who is beholden to the Kennedy’s for making him President.  So I know he doesn’t care about how the RICH AND POWERFUL LIKE THE KENNEDY’S STEAL FROM FATHERLESS YOUTH WHO ADMIRED THEM.

Now I hate them.  I wonder when the hate gives way to the no feelings of all?








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