The Fool Card


This is a picture of my Goddess the Morrigan.  I got closer to her this Samhain in Boston.  The theme of the Witches Ball was tarot.  The Death card was what the people who gave the Ball chose.  I chose the 9 of Cups which represents me.  It was the wish card and I had wished to be able to put flowers on my grandmum’s grave in Lynn.  That is why I chose little red riding hood as my costume.  I also had to face the wolf.  Not only Joe, but my whole past.  I did that.  I knew he would not show up, but I had to give him the chance to be a man of honor.  I am free now.

One of the gifts in the gift bag was a picture of the Fool card in tarot.  I embraced and accepted the death card and now I embrace and accept the Fool card in my life.  A new Beginning.

Some people you just have to say fuck you too.  Joe is one of those people.  He has to live with himself.

I will be ok.  I will be more then ok.

I am rolling with the changes since my trip to Boston.


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