I am home safe


I know it has been a while since I have written on my online journal, but I was finishing up my therapy I started in AZ.  I faced the wolf and defeated my past.  Can move forward now.  I am at peace with my past.  I accept what is.

Boston is dead to me.  He is a coward. In therapy they said I needed to draw a line and I did, even though I knew he would not take the chance to prove to me and the world that he is a man of honor and moral courage.  I have more respect for David Duke and Don Black and the other White Nationalists I met through Stormfront then I do for Joe Kennedy II.  I visited the Kennedy graves and said Fuck you.  In therapy they taught me that some people are evil and are not worthy of your friendship.  I am free now.

Boston has changed so much for the worst.  I still have the family plot in Lynn.  Will I be buried there?

Hope everyone had a great Halloween.



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