Am coming to peace with what is.

Thinking about someone I knew in MA who is dead now.  he was one of the few Democrats I seemed to be able to talk to.  He is dead now and has been for many years.

I am getting ready to go back home to Boston, that I haven’t seen since 90.  I know it has changed.  I have accepted the truth about me and others.  I can let go now of the dream of ever talking things out with someone I had hoped we would be able to talk things out and move forward in friendship only.

I did break down a bought a book that just came out and read it in one day.  I was sorry to hear that an old friend who I used to ride horses with had not remarried.  Her ex has remarried and I know that my friend has so much love and wonderful qualities that there is someone out there who will love her and treat her like the queen she is.  I don’t want her to be alone.  Living alone sucks.

I hope if fate is willing that she and I will be able to meet again and talk things out when I am in the Boston area.  That we can hug and move forward as friends.  I was always her loyal friend.  I still am.  I miss riding horses with her and talking to her as we rode the trails.

As far as her ex.   I hope someday you find the courage to face both of us and to look us in the face and tell us the truth.

I am a wonderful woman too, and somewhere out there is a man for me too.  Maybe my old friend and I can double date sometime and both move forward and find a man worthy of both of us.


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