Very True


This quote is very true so I wanted to put it in my journal today, as an opening to posting some of my thoughts on this first day of Fall.  Love Fall, so am so happy that Summer is over.

I know I am a rare one, and the right man for me will be blessed.  Haven’t met him yet.  Now that I am finally able to heal and let go of the past and move into the future, my dreams will come true.  Every single human being has dreams.  I am no different just because I am a witch.

Yesterday some more of my feelings of anger toward the Catholic Church came up because of the Pope’s arrival.  Working through one issue at a time.  I have very valid reasons for being angry with the Catholic/Christian Church.  They hate people like me, and want to burn and kill witches in the name of their God.

I believe that Wiccans have a right to life, so I reject your Bible and Christian teachings.


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