To David Duke

I defended you today David Duke, with Democrats, because they were distorting what you said in the Article yesterday.  It makes me angry when Democrats and others distort the facts and twist the truth to fit their narrow view of people, places, and things.  They lack intellectual honesty.

You know I do not agree with you, but at least I am not afraid to tell you to your face why I oppose you and disagree with your views and actions politically

You did not endorse Donald Trump. You said that you thought he was the best of the lot on immigration.  That you thought that he was pro Israel and didn’t like that.  No where in your statement yesterday, did you say you endorse Trump and he was your candidate and the candidate that you are going to vote for or encourage White Nationalists to vote for.

We may disagree and fight each other over issues but I will always be fair and honest with you and hope you will be the same with me.  One can respect the enemy if that enemy is willing to look you in the face and tell you why they disagree and oppose you.  To look in your eyes and tell you the truth, is a sign of moral courage and honor.  White Nationalists like you and Don Black and others from Stormfront have always shown me moral courage and honor as I hope I have shown you on a personal level.  I actually have more respect for you then an old Democrat friend and his brother.

I don’t know why Democrats have to distort the truth so much. Is it they can’t win without distortion of the truth?

Anyway, I just needed to vent, as once again Democrats show me they don’t value truth and will lie to achieve their goals.  Their goal seems to be they will lie to get what they want in getting Bernie Sanders to be the next President.  They don’t care if they slander someone with their lies and half truths.  Shameful.  People wonder why I don’t trust the Political Leaders in both the Democrat and Republican Parties?

I am a spit fire.  That is not going to change.



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    chrisy58 Says:

    I miss SC and GA.

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