Need to vent some feelings


This quote was posted on my facebook tonight and I really needed it tonight.  Part of working through the PTSD is to release all my feelings of anger, mistrust, and lack of respect I have toward people of authority over me and in this Government and Catholic/Christian Church; because of how I was treated.

It has been weighing me down and I believe has been effecting my health in many areas.

Am trying to move through all the painful feelings.

This trip to Boston with a good friend and her grandma will be a big step forward as I face the big bad wolf of my past.  Who knows what will happen there. Even if my old friend doesn’t have the courage to face me and talk to me face to face, it is ok, because I gave him a chance to become a man.  It will be on him and not me.  I tried to do the right thing and I will be able to leave there free from the chains of the past and the painful experiences I knew in MA.

I do not trust anyone in the United States Government.  My personal experience is they lie and pretend to have your best interest of heart, when the truth is they don’t give a dam about anyone but themselves.  they don’t care if you have to suffer in life because of their actions or lack of actions.

I still want to say FUCK YOU a lot to both those in Government and the Catholic/Christian Church.

The North Shore of Boston is calling me home, so I am just going with it.  I will face whatever happens with grace and charm.

Am looking forward to the Witches Ball this Halloween.  I have always loved Salem and the North Shore.


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