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I am posting this article because I have a few comments.

I am not surprised that David Duke thinks Trump is the best of the lot for immigration.  Yet his anti Jewish views will make it so that in the end he will not vote for him.  The article is misleading because the headline is that he is going all out in his support for Trump when he says, he is best of the lot.  His statement was best of the lot regarding immigration.  See the difference?

I read an article today about Trump that said he believes Climate Change is a hoax and not real.  That to me is a deal breaker of why I could never support Trump.  I don’t know what universe Trump lives in, but it is not reality.  Our weather here in KS has changed and all over the world.

It does not surprise me that Trump’s denial about Climate Change would not offend a White Nationalist like David Duke, because most of the White Nationalists I knew believe like Trump that climate change is a big hoax of the NWO.

There is no candidate that is running so far that I think is the best of the lot.  All the candidates so far suck big time. Excuse the language, but there is not one qualified to be President who is running.  They all lie and couldn’t tell the truth if their lives depended on it.

Sanders sucks, Clinton sucks, Biden sucks.  Trump sucks, Bush sucks, Graham sucks.


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