Got my Costume


Love the costume for Halloween.  Little Red Riding Hood is perfect for me this year, as I am facing the big bad wolf.

After my PT yesterday, I realize I still have some anger that is effecting my physical health.  I hope I can visit my grandmum and family graves in Lynn, MA and put flowers on.  It is a spiritual journey, and the hard work has to be done before I visit so that when I put flowers on the graves it represents the end of the past hurts and a moving into the future with no chains attached anymore.

I don’t trust Bernie Sanders anymore then Jeb Bush.  Both Parties suck big time and continue to put people up for election that offer no real solutions to the problems.  They don’t want to change the status quo because they are part of the power base. Sanders can’t even be honest with what Party he is in.  Sometimes he represents himself as Independent when it suits him and other times as Democrat when it suits him.  At least Jeb Bush says he is Republican and doesn’t try to play all sides.

If Sanders can’t even be honest with what Political Party he is in and why he is in that Party, then he will never get my vote.

I don’t like people who try and play the fence because they want to please everyone.  Instead of being strong Bernie, you seem weak and wishy washy.  We don’t need another milk toast President who lacks backbone to stand up for what he believes.

You may hate what I believe, but at least I have the courage to say what I think.


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