I hope this is true



I hope The Blaze is correct and Al Gore is seriously thinking of picking up the torch and answering the call of the people in this country, who believe and know he is the best hope this nation has for a future.

I can not warm up to Bernie Sanders.  He will not get my vote.  I can’t warm up to Jed Bush or Donald Trump either.  Hilary I feel is to damaged and instead of bringing Americans together seems to want to divide America more.  Some of her comments, as well as Jeb Bush are offensive.  For Jeb, he just assumes Christians are the only group targeted by Isis.  He talked the other day and it was Christians.  He didn’t talk about the threat to Jews, Women, Pagans, Gays.  America is more then Christian.  Hilary, I find her comments about she just assumes that anyone who has a different opinion then her or other Democrats is a racist who hates Blacks.  All lives should matter not just Black lives.

She seems to have no compassion for women who were forced to have an abortion against their will.  If Abortion had not been legal in 73 then I would have been allowed to have my child and give it up for abortion instead of forced to kill it, to save family face.  Having an abortion is not easy and one never really forgets that it is a human life that has been taken.

I am not Christian Right.  I am Wiccan.  I respect all life, including human life.  I don’t feel Hilary does.  I don’t feel any Democrat values human life.

I admire and respect Al Gore for his work and because he has been away from Government for years, I consider him outside the loop.  Both Sanders and Hilary are part of the reason why we are in the mess we are in.


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