I am tired as I have done a lot today and have a lot to do tomorrow too.  Have PT in the morning.  I think it has been good for me.

There is so much going on in the world.  I wish I could say I have confidence in the United States Government, but we all know that because of my past experience, I don’t.  Have been thinking of what would restore that trust.  So far no answer.

I don’t think they read the Bills they pass or the treaties that they want to push the United States into.  This treaty with Iran is a terrible thing.  We have a President and those in his Party who say if one disagrees with the treaty, that they are a traitor.  That doesn’t surprise me as he is the same President who has said that anyone who disagrees with his political views is a RACIST towards BLACKS.  To him, and others in his Party, only BLACK LIVES MATTER.  All RACES DESERVE LIFE, NOT JUST BLACKS.


I oppose him and this treaty because I have a logical mind, and am not brain dead.

This treaty is a bad thing not only for America but the world.

Iran wants to bomb us and we have a President who calls anyone who disagrees with that, a traitor.

Yet, will we have a real candidate to vote from?  Doesn’t look like it, does it, as it is the same ole, same ole.

I don’t have much hope for the future, as I believe Iran will nuke us at some future date.  They know Obama and the United States is WEAK and is giving them the TOOLS they need to build and deliver a bomb that can hit the United States.


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